Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to discuss Cloud Computing vs. On-Premise Computing. As well as, what is Cloud Computing and why it so talked about in the tech world?


Cloud computing allows you to only pay for what you use. Cloud computing also allows fast and easy provisions of scaling up or down. On-premise systems setups tend to cost most with lesser options. One particular issue with on-premise is the flexibility with scaling as well. For example, once you scale up it is hard to scale down.

Server Storage

On-premise systems need a lot of upkeep and maintenance to keep…

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to discuss different types of sorting algorithms. These are important to understand and solve coding algorithms. Before I begin to explain the different types let me begin with answering the question, what even is ‘sorting’? Sorting is the process of rearranging the items in a collection (in an array) so that items are in some kind of order. An example could be sorting numbers from smallest to largest, or sorting names alphabetically, or sorting movies based on the year they were released, and so on. With that let's begin discussing some different types!

Merge Sort

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to talk about how I used MongoDB in my application. Just briefly explain what MongoDB is; straight from the website, “MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need”. With that let me show you I implemented MongoDB into the application.

For this project I used MongoDB, but more specifically I used the Cloud Atlas version. In order to do that.

Step 1 → Go to the MongoDB Atlas website. Here is the link: https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas

The website link should take you here!

Step 2 → Click the start…

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to write about my most recent project. I created a COVID-19 tracker application. I didn’t have much experience using Material UI or Chart.js before this but it was a really great learning experience and a lot simpler to work with than I thought. With that let’s begin!

So what does this Covid-19 application even do? This application uses an external API that gets real-time statistics. These stats show the number of people infected and recovered from Covid-19 as well as the number of deaths caused by Covid-19. There is a dropdown button that…

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to discuss a very popular framework known as Node.js. This blog is geared towards extreme beginners and will focus on what Node.js is, how it works, how to install, and more. With that let’s begin.

Let’s start with, what the heck even is Node.js? Node.js is a Javascript runtime that is built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. Node uses javascript running on the server and is used to build fast reliable web apps. It also uses an event-driven non-blocking I/O model. This is actually what makes Node.js very fast and efficient. …

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to discuss a very popular framework that is high in demand and being used by companies all over the world. It’s called Typescript and so why do developers love to use this? Typescript is great because it has strong typing, object-oriented features, gives back compile-time errors, and it’s great for tooling.

With that, in this blog specifically, I will be discussing three main concepts frequently used in React and how to use those in Typescript. To begin with, how do we use props in Typescript? To declare props you begin with writing interface…

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to write about the steps to solve a very popular interview algorithm question. The question is called TwoSum on Leetcode and with that let’s begin to code!

The question, as shown above, states given the array, return the two indices such that they add up to the target number. The way I like to solve algorithms is to ask myself what is the question asking? That way, I truly understand what the question is asking. So in this case, example 1 shows us the input which is the given array of numbers, the…

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to write about the external API RxNav and one way in which I incorporated this into my final project. Of course, there are many ways to use this API as it is super versatile but wanted to show you how I used it.

Before I dive straight into the coding aspect I want to give a little background to my project. I created Flatiron General which is a patient management application that can be used in a hospital, urgent care, or even a private practice setting. With my background in healthcare and biology…

Hey everyone, and welcome to another blog! In this blog I wanted to talk about creating elements in Javascript. I wanted to focus on a specific lab my class was given and how to complete the question that was posed.

First things first the lab asked: “Be able to click on a book, you should see the book’s thumbnail and description and a list of users who have liked the book. What I wanted to focus specifically on is how I actually was able to display all that information. Once you open index.html this is what we want to see.

In this blog I wanted to focus on using validations in rails. What exactly are validations and why should we as programmers incorporate them in our rails applications? Validations are a special kind of method that we can use to protect our database from information we don’t want to save in it. For example, let’s say our database accesses your bank account information. We would want to be able to input our routing number for the account. We can ensure that through validations that only numbers can be input in that space. …

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