Different Types of Sorting Algorithms

Hey everyone! In this blog, I wanted to discuss different types of sorting algorithms. These are important to understand and solve coding algorithms. Before I begin to explain the different types let me begin with answering the question, what even is ‘sorting’? Sorting is the process of rearranging the items in a collection (in an array) so that items are in some kind of order. An example could be sorting numbers from smallest to largest, or sorting names alphabetically, or sorting movies based on the year they were released, and so on. With that let's begin discussing some different types!

Merge Sort

Quick Sort

Radix Sort

Bubble Sort

Selection Sort

Insertion Sort

The screenshot above shows the Big O of sorting algorithms and is helpful to look back on. I used the Udemy Colt Steele course to understand all these and I would recommend checking it out for further clarification. Here is the link: https://www.udemy.com/course/js-algorithms-and-data-structures-masterclass/